Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Highland journey 8.4.2011.

Spent the day travelling through to Inverness and fighting off the best efforts of some virus infection, which left me feeling somewhat close to evil! However, the journey was uplifting in many respects , although it was largely misty and the grandeur of the Highlands was never apparent.

I have to confess the only observation that drew me out of my focussed and moronic concentration on the road was seeing the "Snow Goose" at Craobh Haven that a couple of winter's ago was being acclaimed as genuine and then was cast into the relegation league at a later date. On this occasion, presuming it to be the same bird, it was the sole occupant of the "usual" field, its accompanying consorts of Grey lag and Canada Geese from past times being elsewhere!

The weather was intriguing in one aspect. At various places, but particularly noticeable over Loch Linnhe on the approach to Fort William, the mist hung in huge,long blocks over the centre of the loch, although nowhere did it extend over the road running in parallel along its length. The mist banks had almost vertical sides and gave a reasonable impression of being the next best thing to large ice floes residing in the centre of the loch waters concerned. Fascinating!

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