Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I now understand retail therapy! 9.4.2011.

I have to confess my mood matched the conditions of the day. Outside it was thickish mist blanketing everything and providing a calm silence over the landscape that was ethereal in its overall effect ( well I did say I felt evil!).

Very little called, never mind sang, as I took the dogs out for an early morning walk that was chilly and strangely disorientating. They didn't seem to notice, but I wonder what effect the veneer of visible dampness has on the scent left by "passing mammal traffic" and the like.

All this persisted until lunchtime, hardly lifted even then and returned threateningly in the evening. So, what to do when feeling foul, no birds, no visibility etc ? Retail therapy, the final descent into desperation. I went and bought a new telly , better to watch nature programmes and football!! Did it make me feel better? Not really when revisiting the cost, but that's an inbuilt problem Yorkshire-men have to bear. All I actually seemed to have seen in the day was a couple of skeins of Pink-footed Geese winging their way eastwards over the Forth calling all the while as they appeared and disappeared in the mist.

And so home to feed dogs, daughters , fish and then get increasingly frustrated at reading an instruction booklet for the new television using the rules of Swahili grammar and couched in a language not yet hitherto revealed to mortals!

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