Friday, April 29, 2011

29th April, 2011.

Some form of resurrection you might say!! Apologies for the last couple of weeks, but I've had little to tell in a regular context, as I've been stricken down by a virus. Thankfully whilst the girls were here things were OK and, thankfully again, they've escaped picking up on its effects.

After taking them back to Inverness I did manage a couple of intensive days in the Strathspey area, watched Capercaillie at the Loch Garten lek organized by the RSPB, similarly watched Black Grouse in display and, after some considerable effort, managed to locate a couple of Scottish Crossbill. Following that weekend things weren't as successful, although I managed to complete the necessary work spells on Jura that were allocated to me. Whilst not wishing to revert to the vernacular I must simply say that, until now, I've felt absolutely ........ shattered, even when doing nothing!! Not good news when strong easterlies in evidence!

So, back to business.

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