Monday, May 23, 2011

The adventure starts! 14.5.2011.

A busy day getting everything ready before being away, ostensibly to get some work completed on the car, see family, shop (!) and, of course ,carry out some intensive birding. Whilst Islay is a wonderful place in some respects, its location means that many of the migrants that regularly occur on the east coast of Britain only reach Islay very occasionally, and the celebrated "falls" of Continental migrants are not really experienced at all. So the main objective of the next couple of weeks is to try and connect with a few of these migrants, as well as visiting a number of celebrated birding spots to pick up on a whole variety of species with a more southern distribution. I suspect this is when the action starts on Islay!!!

The late ferry and subsequent journey through to Glasgow provided very little of interest but the time was invaluable as far as "planning and plotting" ahead was concerned. More encouraging was news of a whole variety of good birds in different parts of the country which served to whet my appetite!! Ever onward!!

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