Monday, May 2, 2011

Glorious 1st May, 2011!

What a tremendous day, although spoilt slightly by the persistent easterly wind , which was quite strong at times. Variety of things covered locally without unearthing anything special. The early evening then saw me meeting up with the Army Orn.Soc., a party from which had been camping out on Jura for the last couple of days assisting with BTO Atlas work. Well done to Roger Dickey and the team whose efforts have now seen some of the less easily accessed areas of Jura adequately covered.

We all met up and went to RSPB Gruinart in the hope of picking up one of the early arriving Corncrakes, but to no avail. It was good to see a variety of summer migrants, a lingering Whooper Swan and a magnificent overflying male Hen Harrier, but of Crex crex there was no sign! So, in the face of disappointment, we retired to the pub and had a pleasant couple of hours with some traditional Islay culture thrown in too!

Again, many thanks indeed lads. Much appreciated.

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