Monday, May 23, 2011

Southward ho! 15.5.2011.

Previous to an early start, and in the quiet hours of a Sunday morning, it was interesting to see a Lesser Black=backed Gull collecting nesting material from an area of derelict land within the built-up outskirts of Glasgow, a rather apt reminder that, if allowed to do so, birds will live in routine harmony with ourselves.

Journeying southwards on our busy motorway network usually holds little of interest, and today was no exception, although commoner species like Woodpigeon and various corvids occurred throughout. Stopping off in Sheffield provided the first Swifts and a welcome break to sort out various arrangements re cars, Matthew meeting up with me in Norfolk and an opportunity to catch up on the latest bird news, of which there was a tantalising excess of news!

Late afternoon saw my departure on the final leg of my journey into north Norfolk and an increasing number of species being picked up from roadside locations, ranging from Blackcap and Reed Warbler to Kestrel, Stock Dove and Red -legged Partridge. A not altogether disappointing start!!

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