Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Announcement !!!!

I've just had a run of bad days as far as computer facilities are concerned. OK, it happens to all of us , but perhaps not to the extent that you consider replacing all your hardware!! But, persistence, or a Yorkshireman's reticence towards monetary outlay ( a very solid trait ), suddenly saw all systems restored. Whilst I've tweaked, reloaded, amended systems and spent countless hours "investigating" the problem, the ultimate frustration is that, suddenly, the whole system came right. And I've no damned idea what was the cause in the first place.

So, not a lot of "field action" as a result but, hopefully, all that is now history. Over the last few days, including long nights, the most apparent aspect has been the obvious movement through of warblers locally. Sedge, Willow, Grasshopper and Common Whitethroat have all been encountered, plus Northern Wheatear, Whinchat and House Martin also obviously moving southwards. Autumn migration is clearly in action.

So, hopefully succeeding days will now proceed without interruption and various pieces I've drafted can now see the light of day. A question! In the mornings do you switch on your computer around the same time as your kettle, or is your cyber time more compartmentalised!! I'm utterly amazed at how much I've been fazed by the lack of availability of computer facilities, an admission I suspect many of us would admit to in this techno age!! Think about it!

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