Saturday, June 14, 2008

13th June, 2008.

A gorgeous June day but with rather a cold wind. Spent the whole day following up on fledged Raven broods, checking the numbers involved. Those located all appeared to be simply sitting around in the sun awaiting the return of a parent from foraging. Grey lag Goose broods are now becoming more obvious for counting too.
More bird activity now as parents frantically feed ever demanding youngsters. Some Sand Martin young were almost hanging out of their nest holes in anticipation of the returning parent and the next feed. Lapwing and Curlew youngsters too are now in view with some being quite well grown. All such information is invaluable to the BTO's Atlas Survey, which aims to determine the breeding ( and wintering ) distribution, and abundance, of all species present in Britain and Ireland during the period 2007-2011. Recently fledged young , or parents feeding youngsters, are irrefutable evidence of breeding having taken place at that locality and just the sort of record to be sought out over the next few weeks. Our breeding season tends to be a little later up here compared to, say, southern England and "evidence" will still be emerging into early July.
If anyone reading this is intending to be on holiday fairly soon, or over the winter period, do feel free to contact me if you wish to take part and contribute Roving Records, i.e. records generated from any part of the area being visited. Thank you.

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