Monday, June 30, 2008

30th June, 2008.

Certainly a day of mixed weather with a rather fine morning and afternoon but then rain setting in. Thankfully I doubt we've any continuing concerns about our water supplies!!!

A final round of observations relating to Ravens and repeated confirmation that their usage of the island's tip has reduced considerably with the systematic capping of rubbish. A consequence might be more wide ranging foraging activities and the "adoption" of favoured areas.

On to spend the evening with Andy and Michelle plus their visitor, James Wolstencroft, who'd I'd met previously in Spain and who now lives in Tanzania. Some good stories and a few ears burning no doubt!!!

Travelling back late evening had a male Merlin on the Rinns on virtually the same date as my only summer record of last year in a nearby area.

And finally,the news of the day! Learned that my eldest daughter, Ashley, had gained a First Class Honours degree in Law. Yours, very proud!

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