Saturday, June 28, 2008

27th June, 2008.

Nothing special from a bird records viewpoint but plenty of nice views of birds! I've always to remind myself what a privilege it is to live on Islay and to see birds like Hen Harrier on the doorstep, literally in my case, and to go just down the road and watch seabirds. Wonderful!!!!

A mixed day with some quite heavy rain in the afternoon. Early survey work produced a predictable crop of records but with two more areas with Red-legged Partridge and some really handsome juvenile Mistle Thrushes. Unless I've simply missed them , one species which seems to be less in evidence this season is Whinchat. A major role of the BTO Atlas Project is to document changes in both the distribution and numbers of our native breeding birds and I suspect we are in for many surprises, some of which may not be that enjoyable either!!

A good start to the signing up season and, no, I'm not talking of football!!!!! Reserved four tetrads for a colleague for both winter and breeding season 2009, so I'd better declare my hand and register my own choices too!!

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