Sunday, June 15, 2008

14th June, 2008.

Nothing particularly new noted, although activity over the sea and along the coast is high with local gulls, terns and Fulmars in evidence and Gannets, Manx Shearwaters, Kittiwakes and auks offshore making somewhat longer journeys to and from their nesting areas/feeding grounds.

Sadly it seems the Golden Eagles within the recording area have lost their youngster this year despite it reaching an advanced stage in growth. The site is a coastal one and it appears the youngster fell from the nest into the sea. Hopes were that it had somehow been "retained" below the nest but no evidence has emerged. This has apparently happened on a previous occasion and is a penalty associated with such a precarious location. Generally the pairs on Islay do well and some young birds are produced each year and are seen, as immatures, afterwards, a testament to a lack of disturbance and persecution.

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