Monday, December 29, 2008

27th/28th December, 2008.

Nothing about birds I'm afraid!! Went out on the 27th , and returned the day after from Inverness with my two daughters, Rachael and Katherine. The journey out was fantastic, a day to be alive in the Highlands, with golden sunlight bathing the hills below a clear blue sky and scenes begging the attention of photographers. Until Fort William that is, when freezing fog and temperatures changed the whole atmosphere, and figures scuttled about in an atmosphere reminiscent of Dickensian London and a winter smog.

Such was the same on the return journey too with the "weather boundary" locking in at exactly the same place, at the bottom of the Great Glen, after our journey south west along Loch Ness in temperatures of -4.5C . In the latter a fairy landscape of trees adorned with frost contrasted absolutely with the greens and browns of the plantations nearer to Oban and the coast. Not surprisingly little wildlife was seen but, compared to Islay and my recent comments, I was interested to see only one Buzzard within the two combined journeys. The final part of the journey home took place below a wonderful vista of stars (within which, currently, can be seen Venus, Jupiter and Saturn )... a free show from the heavens!

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