Friday, November 13, 2009

12th November, 2009.

Grabbed a couple of hours before the weather set in with a vengeance. For two to three hours in the afternoon there was very heavy continuous rain. The house is located in a shallow basin with a road running across it N/S and a ditch diagonally across the centre. Such was the ferocity of the rain storm that a huge lagoon built up due the the ditch overflowing, a feature I've never seen here before despite some bad weather. I'd visions of my own local "reserve" developing but, sadly, over several succeeding hours the water ebbed away!

Winter thrushes are a feature at the moment with Blackbirds and Redwings scattered everywhere, but Fieldfares in much lesser numbers. Twite flocks , or smaller parties, are in evidence and Reed Buntings are noticeable generally, a pleasing aspect given their reduced numbers at many sites within the UK.

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