Tuesday, November 24, 2009

19th/20th November,2009.

With several parts of the country suffering from floods, and Islay having its share of inclement weather too, the loss of my water supply was a mixture of frustration and embarassment!!! The connection to the spring-fed supply had broken and all supplies on store had been drawn down. A problem then emerged with the pump governing the supply to the house so I was pleased to be moving off early on the 21st. Hopefully the necessary repairs will have been completed by my return!!

Local forays between weather fronts showed nothing over the sea, but areas close to the house produced a couple of Woodcock records. The fells are at their most forlorn at present with very little attendant wildlife. Given our recent heavy rainfall the ground is absolutely saturated and not the best conditions to be in to face the upcoming winter months. Returning home at dusk two Red Deer hinds leapt across the road and narrowly missed the car ( too "narrowly" for my liking! ). Doing an emergency stop in wet conditions on a road with ditches either side has the potential for dissater!!

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