Wednesday, November 18, 2009

17th November, 2009.

The second day of the International Count, thankfully graced by much better weather. Mild, even sunny at times, but with a fresh wind. I was counting on a different route so comparisons between the counts weren't possible. Wintering geese appear to be broadly hefted to given areas within which they move around, some being very "loyal" to relatively small sectors. Our count on the Rinns wasn't grossly at odds with yesterday, which was a relief!. Of interest was a small group of 35 Grey-lag Geese "roosting" out on the open moor north of Kilchiaran picked up by Kevin Wiggins. Not easy to see and I suspect in a location that couldn't be seen from other vantage points other than the very high hill holding the , now defunct, transmitter ststion. I wondered the extent to which the same location might have been used by local birds as a moulting spot earlier in the year as they appeared to go missing at times! And were probably missed on counts too!

Whilst Grey Wagtails are not uncommon birds here, given we have them breeding and as passage birds , it was nice to see birds at four different locations and to again pick up a couple of Twite flocks too.

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