Thursday, November 19, 2009

18th November,2009.

A busy day amending arrangements around my needing to be up in Kirkhill, Inverness from the weekend. The weather forecast for both Saturday and Sunday started off pretty poor with the distinct likelihood of cancelled ferry services. Having decided on a "window of opportunity" on early Saturday morning the matter is now in the lap of the Gods! Such is the downside to living on an island when ferries can be affected by high seas/wind and the flight service can be affected by high winds, fog and runway condition. Leaving "connections" to the last miniute to any appointments etc on the mainland is foolhardy at best! Having decided all that the last weather update of the day saw the overall situation ameliorating slightly !!

What remained of the day spent considering future plans relating to this Blog site and others I intend establishing. Had a look at a whole selection of Blogs for tips, comparisons and the like. Some appeared to be utter drivel , with no effort made to really communicate or educate, some were so repetitive in their content and style one could almost predict what was coming up based on what had gone before in the preceding month /year and some definitely needed to improve on writing style. I must be getting old as I'm afraid I don't find the move towards abbreviated English in texts, E-mails or on the social network sites to be at all attractive!! There's an interesting aspect to all these sites. Do people read them because they find them a source of information, or they like your opinions or they simply enjoy the style and subject content? I'm sure some sites endeavour to be the first to put out the news , an aspect I'm not really interested in , although breaking stories re political hot potatoes must figure amongst these. Anyway, watch this space for changes!!!

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