Monday, February 1, 2010

Have your say!!

Having got the weather forecast wrong, settled behind the PC and got embroiled in a variety of things, it was mid-afternoon before I got out!! The reward was nothing of importance , although the female Brambling is still visiting the garden from time to time.

I decided to use the opportunity to raise a few questions about this Blog, which I've done on an occasion before. I sincerely believe that personal Blogs ( as opposed to commercial sites promoting a service ) should serve some positive functions and not simply be a product of the rantings of their authors. They should be informative, educational and include variety , all of which is eventually reflected in the number of visits they receive. There should be an avoidance of repetition, ( how many Blogs could you actually write in advance ! ), and an avoidance, where possible, of the same old ,tired themes and mode of presentation that leads to a pedestrian outpouring that can be scan read and largely ignored. We have to remind ourselves that "subscribers" are now worldwide and obscure references and pursuing themes with too much local or subjective interest is gobbledygook to a far flung readership. Oh, and then there's style, even the ability to write in English which also comes into it.

So, comments please! I know I've failed on the provision of photographs on a regular basis, so a "Can do better" on that one. There must be many other things that can be added ,explored, comments that other people can read about and improve their own Blogs. I enjoy running a Blog as a product of the activity I love most of all and enjoy sharing with people.....birding! But I'm sure content etc can be taken to even further limits. Now it's your turn, particularly people in far flung places, or potential visitors to this wonderful island, or other Bloggers willing to give advice..........HAVE YOUR SAY!!

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