Sunday, June 13, 2010

12th June,2010.

Friday,(the 11th )was a bit of a write off, with mist persistently playing back and forth across the adjacent moors and time skimming past due to E-mails and telephone calls relating to this wretched Eagle Owl issue in the Forest of Bowland. The latest accusation that the RSPB has killed the adult owls beggars belief and has to be the product of misinterpretation , a wild imagination or pure mischief. An article I've submitted to Raptor Politics calling for restraint and a "new beginning", in terms of information dis-semination by the main conservation bodies and others, will doubtless fall on deaf ears, but at least the offer has been made. Half the problem appears to be the lack of straightforward and honest communication! The current situation appears convoluted at best and I hope beyond hope that something positive emerges such that Hen Harrier protection can continue there, ( should that be commence?), as well as the owl issue being resolved and better results forthcoming. At the moment efforts appear more linked to cataloguing disaster than recording success!!!

Saturday, whilst fine until late, was rather cool in the northerly wind. A day devoted to survey work so sightings were a little confined. The season moves on with Starling flocks out on the hill, and in numbers, that suggests they've had a good season. Waders everywhere continue their frantic behaviour whenever anything passes within appreciable distance of their concealed young! Now is the time of bird calls from the bushes that suggests our learning a whole new suite of variety as youngsters call out plaintively offering a clue to feeding parents as to their location.

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