Monday, June 28, 2010

Successful season?

Our continuing good weather certainly seems to have produced a good breeding season for birds , so far! First, or even second, broods of youngster are increasingly apparent and occasional song suggests some species are still on territory and involved in breeding. I was impressed today with young Blackbirds at various locations,which have suddenly appeared, besides Goldfinch, Willow Warbler and others. Species which have not yet got to that stage show adults in frantic activity moving back to nests to satisfy the demanding needs of their youngsters. My contribution appears to have been the appearance of three male Swallows, which whizz around and squabble but, nonetheless, are bereft of female partners. The barn is sadly silent!!

Raven broods are now large and independent and, strangely, Rock Dove adults seem to be feeding together at suitable locations (I don't understand Rock Dove behaviour!!).
Similarly Hooded Crows ( adults in moult ) are obvious, without young, way after other corvids have their offspring on show!! Predation perhaps or something!!

At Gartmain, Loch Indaal around 100 Oystercatcher grouped together on a high tide and other individual pairs sought sanctuary on high outcrops of rock around the Inner Loch. Few other waders were on show. On the Inner Loch several adult Black-headed Gulls fed, accompanied by only one young bird, suggesting they had had yet another poor season. A single, obviously injured, Barnacle Goose came in on the high tide at Gartmain.

In an international context read the posting under "Conservation Concerns" ( link above ) relating to the Spoon-billed Sandpiper, a species I suspect many of us would like to see but for which the opportunities might be running out!!

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