Sunday, June 27, 2010

26th June,2010.

Increasing numbers of young birds are continuing to appear and, all in all, it seems to have been a good season. Early evening saw one of the events which can , periodically, sometimes cause chaos! A very heavy, cyclonic rain "shower" treated us to some well needed water. Thankfully it wasn't too long in duration and damage to ground nesting birds in particular would have been minimal.

Things still somewhat static, although a single Swift moving north through the Sound of Islay was of note.

The birding community at large appears at odds with the reported Bridled Tern record from Northumberland, with some accusations of it being a hoax and the photographs being faked! The way in which it was reported, and other similar aspects, do seem a bit strange. It does bring into focus the motives of some people, whichever camp they're in. I find the most satisfying aspect of birding is to adopt stringent personal standards and take real enjoyment from birds seen , leaving the rest to formulate their own actions and live out their needs.

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