Friday, June 4, 2010

3rd June,2010.

A day that started early, on the day before in fact, although only just!!

The night of the 2nd/3rd June was that on which the "all island Corncrake count" took place. Organized by the RSPB it establishes the number of calling male Corncrakes and obviously then links in with population monitoring both on Islay and throughout many other places in Scotland.

Due to ( my ) transport problems I joined two colleagues to cover the southern part of the Rinns. Conditions were ideal in that it was virtually calm , the only interruption being from the tidal swell of Outer Loch Indaal on its western side. We had five birds with a possible two others counted previously not performing on cue. A good count and one which sees the population being sustained , if not improving slightly. Overall there was around fifty birds island wide, a figure which can be compared with the next count in around three weeks time.

Despite the good conditions few Snipe were heard although several Grasshopper Warbler and Sedge warbler were heard.

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