Monday, July 11, 2011

Cambodian Green Tourism prospers.

Anybody who has followed this Blog will have seen references I've made from time to time about Cambodia. The country made a big impression on me and has some iconic bird species that many birders would like to see. News has just emerged of a new website giving details of the facilities and tours associated with Tmatboey village, which provides the base from which you can venture out and see both Giant and White-shouldered Ibis. It's a tremendous place, the food is out of this world, and the people friendly, helpful and never to be forgotten. They deserve success. Read more on the site and certainly consider the possibility of a trip.

As I write this I'm looking northwards on to a dark night sky in the hope of seeing some indication of the Aurora borealis strutting its stuff across the heavens. The alert service issued an E-mail today suggesting an "Amber alert status" might be anticipated. It's now 2345 hours and there is still a faint red band of light settled on the horizon to the west , above which is a lighter band of blue sky before it then grades into a midnight blue covering. To the south a very hazy moon is not yet making great strides on the illumination front but may yet confuse the situation! I'm beginning to suspect it's time for bed as opposed to another dram!

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