Sunday, July 10, 2011

A different day----no birds!

Away early to get the first ferry to the mainland to pick up my youngest daughters and bring them across to Islay after they'd attended the T-in-the-Park music festival. Spent the whole outward voyage talking to a colleague about the Tour de France and conservation matters, so much so that I never had an opportunity to explore "the new ferry". I have to say, pretty splendiferous!!

Ever onward I then went through to Crianlarich and effected a perfect pick up , dead on time with the arrangements. As you might imagine T-in-the -Park figured in our return conversations discussing groups I'd never really heard of , even given my fastidious preparation by watching TV coverage of the renowned Glastonbury Festival ( actually I really enjoyed it! ). A speedy return ensured I could complete a supermarket shop ( always a "must" if you're off island ) and then we all returned on "the new ferry". It is rather fine , lots of steel, reflective surfaces, ultra modern everything!! The only criticism I would have is about the seats ....none are really comfortable! Sorry, but it's true. A bit of a dis appointment set against everything else which is pretty mega!

And so the day ended with the only recollection of anything avian of interest being a Jay fleeing a stretch of woodland between Inverary and Tomatin.

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