Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mixed situation with warblers! 7.7.2011

Yesterday I had the first young Common Whitethroat of the season in the garden, a species which usually appears to move through a bit later and certainly after the appearance of young Willow Warblers , of which I've seen none as yet. Then today I had a Blackap singing its heart out and a rather more reluctant Sedge Warbler uttering a minimal set of notes! Certainly a strange season , both in the dates on which birds first arrived and then what has happened since. Whilst a crop of young birds of various species seemed evident a couple of weeks ago, activity has significantly quietened in recent days.

Today perhaps epitomised the season so far.......somewhat mixed. I was seriously drenched by 1100 hours , although the afternoon proved to be more pleasant! Things generally are still a little quiet with no real evidence of birds on the move. However, having said that, the young Wheatears that were so obvious previously appear to have left.

My best sighting of the day was of a Golden Eagle, stoically sitting it out atop a trig point in the midst of a storm ( I could barely see it) which, at the end of it all, put on a show of shaking off all the excess moisture worthy of a disco exhibition presentation!!

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