Saturday, July 16, 2011

What is it about this obsession with birds?

A rather mixed week wherein tourist type duties were to the fore and much emphasis on computer outpourings (concentrated on in the hours pre elevenses , which are certainly not the territory of teenage ladies)!! Good in a way as it provides an opportunity to get work done, but not the greatest atmosphere for birding! Never mind, it's a great time when my daughters are here.

I did , however, think my powers of persuasion were improving with promises of a good ramble in "les espaces nostalgique" being well received, within which time, I admit, I stood a good chance of seeing the Rose-coloured Starling that's present. God forbid, it rained overnight, and during the day, and I'd left the wellington boots outside as well, upright, which became full of water. Young ladies and wet wellingtons are not a marriage made in heaven, even when the weather improves!! I've seen at least two Rose-coloured Starlings on Islay and endless ones abroad, including a colony of 10,000 + in Kazakhstan. So why the concern?

Why do we get so obsessed with these damned things called birds? Answers on a post card, the most interesting of which will be from wives and girlfriends!! But, enter, the lady lister!! No longer is it the much maligned male who abandons domestic duties to flee for some avian imperative! I suppose the ladies will claim all the "dom " stuff is sorted beforehand, against which the only (poor) excuse is that we're ill equipped for multi tasking!!

It does seem to take us lot over though! And how many times have those spontaneous mantras echoed through households across the land, " Oh , for goodness sake, go on and see your damned bird, and stop going on about it!!". True or not true?

The thing is, I've still not seen this Rose-coloured Starling!!!!!!

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