Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th July,2009.

Up and away at 0530 hours to catch the 0700 hours ferry. Between Bruichladdich and Carnain Pools area had at least nine ,presumably family parties, of Pied Wagtail suggesting they've had a good season. In shallow water at Bridgend Flats had a pair of Wigeon, which was a surprise suggesting they were failed local breeders, non breeders or early returning birds.

The ferry crossing and subsequent journey was rather hot and quite busy. I had a couple of calls to make so went from Fort William across to Newtonmore, which provided me with an opportunity to do some birding. Called at a few favourite sites but didn't have much, although the atmosphere of the old Caledonian Pine forests is always a tonic in themselves as far as I'm concerned. Fantastic views of Osprey, Red-throated Diver, but also a wonderful showing of Dark Green Fritillary, Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary and Small Heath butterflies. All amidst a backdrop of the Cairngorms massif, by now almost bereft of snow patches in the high corries. Sadly, this year, time didn't allow for any exploration.

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