Monday, July 13, 2009

Very much a routine day!!

We all have them , and this most certainly qualified! Little time to note any wildlife due to other tasks and involvements. A single Whimbrel at the head of Loch Indaal was about the only comment and contribution I can make!

Having said all that may I mention Swarovski!! For those of us with their equipment, may I just say what a first class company they are. Necessarily having to send in my telescope recently , and a lens, I received the former back today looking like new with everything sorted out. The after sales service is superb, without fuss, rapid and efficient. Thank you! I shall very much remain a Swarovski Optik man!

The article re Hen Harriers and my future intended actions went out on the Raptor Politics web site yesterday ( read it and, more importantly, the comments made by John Miles as an adjunct). It's absolutely imperative that a head of steam is built up on this issue, and remain in no doubt that your contribution towards action will be requested in the form of some written protest at an appropriate point!!

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