Sunday, July 26, 2009

Not much happening!!

I suppose with birds like Chough, Hen Harrier, and various seabird species on the doorstep it's wrong to moan that little seems to be about!. In fact it's somewhat true, with little turn around in the suite of species which can be seen at the moment. Set against the reports of exotics elsewhere, Crossbill invasions and so on, a day spent flogging around and seeing the self same things was a bit of a frustration, so I put it down to bad luck, although everyone seems to be complaining about the self-same thing ! Not to worry, it will happen at some point!

However, may I say a big public " thank you " to Barrie and Tricia Galpin, who have just spent a whole week on Jura generating Roving Records for the BTO Atlas Survey. They've absolutely loved it, which just goes to show "us residents" should be more appreciative of what we have around us and the part of the world we live in!! We are really!!

One thing intrigues me currently. The number of parties, and total, of Grey lag Geese to be seen at present is very low and nowhere near the total that will "emerge" towards the end of August. Previously I had seen pairs with young that now seem to have simply disappeared! Is it that the adults are in moult and hunkered down around some of the far flung lochans and, therefore, not much in evidence ? Much to be done, not enough time to do it in!!

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