Monday, July 6, 2009

6th July,2009

A mixed bag in many respects. A rather relalaxed day at home after yesterday. The Swallows have hatched young in the barn which means a whirr of chaos every time you enter!

Catching up on various things I was disgusted to discover the senior constabulary of the Lancashire area, which covers the Forest of Bowland , are to be awarded up to 15% salary bonuses for, as the Chief Executive Officer of the Lancashire Police Authority states, " excellent performance" !!! As I see it if a senior police officer had overseen the theft of a series of national treasures, say art, on their "watch" would they be qualifying for bonuses!!! I hope you'd agree "no" !! Your thoughts are probably in line with those of Burnley Council, Hynburn Council and the Ribble Valley MP!! Constituent parts of our natural heritage, e.g Hen harriers, especially protected by law, should require to be part of the equation wherein the measure of success is made against which, in the current season, the Lancashire Constabulary has failed miserably in my view. It's no good pointing to the success achieved on United Utilities estate ,who bend over backwards to protect their rare birds of prey, when nothing is being produced from identical habitats alongside on different estates. All a question of statistics I suspect and a reduction in urban crime, welcome, but not the whole story!! As previously, the old headmaster would have said, " Can do better"!!

Off Sanaigmore on Sunday my colleague, Stuart Graham, had a cetacean that we're still not sure about. A picture has been sent off for a definite identification and we'll post both it and details in due course.

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