Monday, July 20, 2009

Almost back to normal!

Journeyed up to Inverness to take the girls back to Kirkhill. As anticipated, quite a lot of traffic around. The gameplan was to do a "stock up " shop in Inverness to cover the forthcoming seawatching "season" and then to take a leisurely drive back overnight and enjoy the Highlands without traffic, plus remember it's light very early up here!
Well, some of it worked out. Flashing signs on the A9 advising torrential rain and expected floods materialised in part and then a neccessary stop behind a bad accident for a couple of hours meant I arrived for the ferry somewhat shattered!! A "classic" perched Tawny Owl on a telegraph post was about all I'd seen and little was seen on the journey across.
Since then I've slept............. back in harness Monday!

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