Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A diversionary delight!

Given my self-imposed detention still continues, but with the awaited delivery of car components imminent ( the tracking code says so!! ), I've been able to turn my attention to one of the newest facilities available on BuBo Listing. You'll notice details of my World List and Western Palaearctic List have appeared opposite, both figures of which will automatically update as I commit entries to the database. Wow!

Sadly, as mentioned previously, I lost all my databooks prior to 2002 so I've commenced a second "Birding Life". It's great and provides a great justification for visiting areas again and reliving events! Admittedly, after launching into the "challenge" somewhat after 2002, the reality now lies in rather a lot of data which needs to be dutifully entered, but even this has a real deja vu element to it with many a pause and wistful gaze at the computer screen. So as "data entry duties" proceed so will the totals notch up on the BuBo widget!! Watch this space, but with quite a number of foreign trips completed, there's a long way to go. Better still, take a look at the BuBo site the link's opposite, and have a go!

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