Thursday, February 11, 2010

The S.N.H. Sisterhood Rules, O.K.!!

I suppose the following is more a reflection on how lucky anyone is to live on Islay with the support that is automatically made available from neighbours, friends and residents. Given I'm rather stranded at the moment, due to awaiting a replacement part from the mainland for the car, I rang in to the Scottish Natural Heritage ( SNH) office to say that circumstances still hadn't changed and that I wouldn't be available for goose counting activities. Somehow this information had already gotten there, I was advised that "the problem" had been discussed and that "arrangements" had been made to transfer to me any shopping I required via the Rinns Goose Counting team next day if I could now let them have a list !!! It worked like a dream, shelves and fridge were replenished and computer work continued virtually unabated. Many thanks girls, particularly Margaret, and to the delivery team ( Malcolm and Becky ).

Added to this must also be the support I'd already received with groceries and medication "pick -up " last week from Stuart, advice I've received from two lots of engineers about the car and the offer of the loan of a car from my landlord. Believe you me , folks, it makes it feel very special to live here, be very much out in the sticks, but have the support to overcome the isolation if something untoward happens.

Thanks also to everyone who passed on comments relating to this Blog site. I'm now intending to have a good think, given I've time on my hands, and to consider improvements for the future.

Of the Gyr Falcon saga there now appears to have been a bit of a hiatus with the last sighting I'm aware of being on Tuesday morning on the Oa. Will update as opportunity allows!

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