Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gyr Falcon mystery as at 9.2.2010.

Two "major" updates of importance. My ability to add bird information to the Blog is impaired at the moment as I'm without transport due to some involved fault on the car !! Don't ask!!

Secondly, a report late last night from the Oa ( Andy Schofield ) confirmed he'd seen the "Portnahaven" bird there yesterday ( after I'd transferred the photograph shown on this site), but that this was not the bird depicted in the photograph of a white Gyr taken on the Oa by visitors, which I'd made reference to before. At the moment a hunt is on to try and get a copy of this . Watch this space!!

An Appeal!! If there is anyone reading this who has been on Islay recently and managed to get photographs of a Gyr , could you please send on copies please? Contact information is on the Blog, full reference will be made to your help and please advise how I might get back to you. Many thanks.

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