Saturday, February 13, 2010

Passerine roosting behaviour.

Recent days has seen a small roost of Reed Buntings build up in basically the only suitable bush in the garden. It's set in the SW corner and so is essentially protected on three sides by the house,the porch and the garden wall.Most importantly its location catches the very last rays of the setting sun. It's also conveniently sited near the feeders around which the birds appear to be spending most of their days recently.

Given our good,virtually calm weather of late the birds spend time sitting out on top of the bush between bouts of feeding. Within the last hour of sunlight they appear to reduce feeding activity and sit out on the very top of the bush to gain the full benefit of the rays of the weakening sun. With the last rays no longer in evidence, and with darkness descending, they then move into the depths of the bush to roost. Similar activity has also be shown by both Blackbirds and Song Thrushes with them "sitting out" on the garden wall before they too find a suitable roosting spot.

Previous to Christmas a number of " walk up" shoots were held over the grass moors surrounding the house. Based on the shots heard they had rather a lean time of it with the moor being almost bereft of birds. Over the past few days Pheasants have now begun to call again at intervals and the moor is gradually coming back to life with the local Ravens and Hooded Crows openly scavenging around, but with the real upsurge in activity and presence of other birds yet to happen.

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