Thursday, March 18, 2010

17th March,2010.

Viewed from day to day I suppose there is an actual ,perceptible improvement in bird numbers and bird activity. Siskin are suddenly more obvious and prolific, Skylark is in song, a lone Goldcrest sang in a nearby woodland, a fortunate survivor of the winter or a returning resident (?), and Song Thrush are in full bore at various places. One sang virtually incessantly from dawn until midday immediately outside the house and made me ponder on the energy demands of such highly charged behaviour. In the evening a single Blackbird gave forth its song, the mellow notes redolent of what we will be so accustomed to over the next two-three months.

Skeins of Pink-footed Geese still overfly the house as they move from,or between, local feeding grounds. And as a fitting adventure to any day I can attest to the difficulty and excitement of separating four, largely black dogs that choose to have a fight when meeting up with a neighbour on the same walking duty along the nearby very dark lane!!

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