Thursday, March 11, 2010

On the move! !0th March, 2010.

In transit for most of the day! Down to the village for before 0800 hours to get a bus to the ferry, which got to the mainland at 1210 hours and linked with a bus to Glasgow, from where I then got a bus to Inverness, arriving a little after 2000hours. Pretty good after covering the width and an appreciable length of Scotland.

As ever on some journeys a "bus community" rapidly formed on the Glasgow to Perth leg of the trip. Scottish and Yorshire humour came to the fore with an hilarious conversation surrounding the potential for reusable coffins. Absolutely uproarious and lending itself to "green" objectives too!! As can be imagined little wildlife was, or could , be noted from a fast moving bus, but it was noticeable how much snow there was between Stirling and Perth and how sterile the landscape looked, caught as it was still in the grip of wintry conditions.

Doubtless whilst I'm away the weather will alter dramatically and, hopefully, at the same time, the persistent problems with my car will be resolved by the specialists to whom it is shortly to be transferred!! Normality can resume in all respects!

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