Saturday, March 6, 2010

Friday, 5th March,2010.

Yesterday again saw the weather being maintained providing, in particular, some good viewing conditions over Outer Loch Indaal. Whilst bird presence was low, the views of Great Northern Divers showed birds to be in a variety of plumages. Most were still in winter, but some were beginning to show their summer colours and patterns , another indication of the season's progression.

Quite separated, and smaller, groups of both Barnacle Geese and Greenland White-fronted Geese were at several points on the Rinns, the latter looking absolutely resplendent. Grey-lag Geese appeared in many spots, some in small parties, others in pairs and in areas well away from the more open feeding areas of previously. This was a pattern which emerged last spring, and despite my thoughts to the contrary, didn't result in a plethora of widely spread local breeding pairs, which suggested birds had moved elsewhere. One small loch carried a good flock of Teal, a veritable bundle of excitement and raw energy with their calls echoing far and wide.

Locally, birds visiting the garden have suddenly gone down in numbers suggesting their being able to find sufficient food elsewhere. Both male and female Hen Harriers , and Sparrowhawk, were seen hunting at various points of the day , which perhaps suggested the availability of prey was a bit low as yet, thus demanding greater effort.

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