Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A day of two parts!

Yesterday (Monday) dawned bright and seemed to suggest things were finally improving. On a nearby area of flat moor a Lapwing gave a few snatches of its display flight and calls, Common Gulls wheeled above the foddering out area for the cattle and, generally, the whole place suddenly felt more alive. Strangely absent, as yet, were any Skylark or Meadow Pipit, all of which cleared out completely at the onset of the worst weather. A couple of pairs of Grey lag Geese winged their way across the moor, as if moving to or from a favoured area, and "the" local Starling was on its usual song post, adding a variety of species to any list through its well rehearsed mimicry. Despite setbacks with a computer programme installation, the day held promise!

And then came the snow and sleet, converting the landscape into a drab backcloth once again and bringing a stunned silence everywhere. Not quite as forecast, but given it's March its likely tenure will thankfully not be for very long. So car repairs were put aside and the equally frustrating task of trying to solve the logical were confronted again.

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