Saturday, March 27, 2010

Good news and bad news.

Well, the good news is that the problems with my car have hopefully been resolved and I should be able to retrieve it shortly when I return to Islay. With car engines and control mechanisms being so finally attuned nowadays apparently some systems can "react" to the various additives that are, or aren't added to fuel. Nissan's had some trouble with this in 2009 with my vehicle's problems being attributed to the same source. What seems an attractive proposition in terms of fuel selection may not always turn out to be so!!

The bad news is that that I'm out of things with a sickness bug. Contact with children, and picking up something "doing the rounds",when you're used to the "sanitised surroundings " of Islay bathed, as it is with replenishing weather!,is almost an inevitability. What had plagued half the senior school where my daughters attend settled its remaining portion on me with the resulting maelstrom of internal upheaval , and its aftermath ,taking out the last two days. Now, girls, I know that men "do" the illness bit rather well, but this was really the wanting to meet your Maker scenario! So, no news of nature, birds either I'm afraid. From what I hear little of note has been found , or is around , on Islay, so I'm looking forward to getting back some time soon and getting into the fray!

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