Monday, July 19, 2010

19th July, 2010.

Back home, saturated with E-mails, correspondence and all the other routine encumbrances of modern day life, the last couple of days have been sacrificed to serving at the alter of necessary normality!!

All that aside it's fairly obvious from the brief and periodic peering through the window I've afforded myself that the warbler migration is now underway. As I mentioned last year, being located in an isolated position with an absence of habitat, other than grass moor and distant forestry, it's very easy to determine bird species out of their usual preferred locations. Willow Warbler juveniles and Common Whitethroats now seem to be making their way from their summer natal areas and periodically feeding in the somewhat overgrown, but productive, natural vegetation of my garden "patch". Set against my own AA Relay assisted journeys of recent times I wish them well!

A whole plethora of issues and happenings appear to have arisen in the last fortnight, more associated with conservation, and I'll be dealing with these on the "Conservation Concerns Blog" in the next couple of days ( link above ).

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