Sunday, July 11, 2010

3rd July, 2010.

The morning was spent helping out with some survey work in an area off to the north west. With showers and low cloud coming through from the south west the morning wasn't exactly hooching with activity but a Red Kite was a bonus and a pair of Black-throated Diver were on a nearby loch, always nice birds to encounter in their splendid summer plumage.

The afternoon saw us driving down to Newcastle to stay with my eldest daughter. An uneventful journey until the return of the self same problems as encountered previously with the car. The final few miles across town were a nightmare! Let no one say city drivers can't be tolerant of a car with obvious problems. I suspect they may have been avoiding us in reality, but the effect was the same and we managed to get to the flat unscathed after surging and fading our way across roundabouts, from traffic lights etc. I resolved to push the problem aside, enjoy our break and return to it later, thankful that it hadn't arisen earlier.

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