Monday, July 12, 2010

7th July, 2010.

Transfer day from Newcastle to Inverness by the AA! it was done in two stages, the first to Glasgow and the second then through to Inverness. In reality , it actually wasn't bad as we left before 1000 hours and arrived around 1745 hours with a couple of stops en route. Full marks to the AA for a truly efficient service!

The car was dropped off at a Nissan agent and we picked up a taxi to Kirkhill with the minimum of delay. Seamless!

Not really a bird day at all though despite all the good countryside we passed through. The girls survived and I managed to cope with, first , a broad Geordie accent and then a switch to an equally broad Glaswegian one ( did they understand a Yorkshireman I ask? ). All in all not a bad day.

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