Thursday, July 22, 2010

21st July, 2010.

Two successive days sorting out survey arrangements and paperwork for the forthcoming winter! The fact that,on the 21st, it rained all day was a convenient coincidence. WeBS Counts ( waterfowl )over a wide variety of waters on Islay and Jura, and Low Tide Counts concentrated on Loch Indaal, are now all thankfully in place with some extra help being offered too. With all the "interruptions" of late I've a deal of work to do on BTO Atlas administration etc, which is the next subject area to receive attention. The final days for breeding season survey work remain, until the end of July, providing an opportunity to gather in positive evidence of successful breeding for some late summer visitors. Commencing November, 2010, until the following July, will be the final year of the Atlas. Previous to its commencement a long hard look will need to be taken at what remains to be covered , enhanced or supplemented in terms of records , breeding status and so on.

Hopefully there'll now be a break in the weather which will provide an opportunity to do some proper birding!

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