Friday, July 30, 2010

30th July,2010.

Not the best of days with rain and mist until late afternoon, or as the Postie put it, when it's too late to do anything!!

Capitalized on the opportunity by getting a lot of survey results in order, dispatched or summarized. I also spent some time reading Ian Newton's most recent book, "Bird Migration", a new addition to the New Naturalist Series. It is absolutely brilliant and a joy to read! Its style and content are presented in such a clear and unambiguous way that it is a book you can actually sit down and read, as opposed to laboriously work through. Whilst Professor Newton's work on raptors, and particularly the Sparrowhawk, is well known, along with books on population limitation in birds and speciation and biogeography in birds, this volume, coupled with that he wrote on the migration ecology of birds, will always assume favourite position on my shelves. All I can say is, don't leave it too late to get a copy because undoubtedly it will be a sell out!!

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