Monday, August 30, 2010

26th August,2010.

A long day on Jura catching up on survey work in much improved conditions!

A somewhat routine day in many respects with only a few birds on the move, including odd Manx Shearwater and Kittiwake. A Red-throated Diver fed unsuspectingly close for a while, but the stars of the show were several Basking Sharks around for most of the day, of which more on Islay Wildlife later. Over the far hills on Islay a couple of adult Golden Eagles showed at intervals, both in flight and perched. At one point a male Hen Harrier persistently mobbed one of them , watched by a couple of Raven and a Common Buzzard, all of them wheeling and swooping in the sky such that it appeared more of a game than an aggressive encounter!

In the early evening a flock of about 40 Knot were huddled together asleep on the edge of Loch Indaal , sadly being moved towards the edge of disturbance by a birdwatcher intent on getting as close as tolerance would endure. And finally, to complete a fine day in all respects , a single Corncrake scuttled across the road near to Gearach immediately adjacent to where a bird had held territory earlier. They must now be moving towards the time of departure with a long exacting journey ahead!

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