Tuesday, August 31, 2010

30th August, 2010.

A day, in majority part, given over to arrangements relating to the forthcoming survey of Grey lag Geese I organize each year. Would you believe this year has seen "formative arrangements" being affected by a young lady being thrown from a horse and suffering a dislocated hip ( and even being flown off island for treatment ), problems re the avilability of 4WD transport, and someone needing to depart for a crucial meeting later on during the survey day in question. Who says we're into a tranquil life here!!!

Thankfully, all is now in place and the day will indicate how well we can locate the rather itinerant birds based on recent experience!!

On the southern Rinns there suddenly seemed to be a hiatus in the passge of Northern Wheatear, which have been an obvious presence in low numbers over recent days. Clear night skies perhaps suggests their passage through without the need to touch down.

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