Sunday, August 8, 2010

7th August,2010.

A rather grey day, with a northerly wind at the onset, then opened up a little from mid- morning and was quite sunny and warm later, although the wind became somewhat blustery.

Sea movement went little beyond the predictable with Manx Shearwater numbers south over the first three hours ,but then all was very quiet. Outer Loch Indaal too was virtually "empty" , other than a Red-throated Diver, with no parent auks with young or feeding Kittiwakes. Waders are now moving through with a group of 17 Turnstone still showing most of their handsome summer plumage, collective numbers of Ringed Plover in excess of 50, almost 80 Dunlin and around 90 Bar-tailed Godwit. Oystercatcher are the most numerous with at least 200 around the innermost part of the loch. Curlew are widespread, low in numbers and, in the main I suspect, feeding off in areas nearby.

Odd Willow Warbler still popping up in various places and a few Northern Wheatear in evidence. A Cormorant disturbed from Loch Gearach rose high, and circled repeatedly, before heading off SW. Quite a lot of species appear to have had a good breeding season which, for some resident birds like Stonechat, will have been a saving grace set against the undoubted ravages of the winter. Very little appeared to be at Gruinart , although silage operations were in full swing and most of the area a hive of activity. A party of Chough "played" around the house and barn in the evening, seemingly swooping and diving for no other reason other than enjoyment. At close hand their calls can only be described as "very penetrating"!!

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