Tuesday, August 31, 2010

31st August, 2010.

A long day on Jura undertaking survey work linked to the Sound Of Islay underwater turbine proposal. The day eventually turned out fine , with sun and fine weather, but the first couple of hours were an absolute nightmare due to the presence of MIDGES!. Indeed the worst "appearance" I've experienced in ten years. It was bad until the sun dried things out!

Thankfully, aside from the formal requirements, general bird appearances were excellent. A very high flying adult Red-throated Diver down the Sound was of interest, both "northern" and "southern" area Golden Eagle sightings, a single adult dark phase Arctic Skua which entered the Sound from the north, plagued some Common Gulls for a while, and then returned north and, for me, the nicest treat of all, a flock of 30+ Twite near at hand which included juveniles and adults, in all stages of plumage, was both a test and a delight!

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