Sunday, August 1, 2010

1st August,2010.

A quite fine day with a freshening westerly wind for a change!

Small numbers of Northern Wheatear and Willow Warbler showed migration to be happening. Weather conditions for seawatching looked potentially rewarding but, in the end, were disappointing. Good numbers of Manx Shearwater were on the move southwards, but this had much reduced after the first three hours. All the other "usual" species present but not moving in other than penny numbers. A few adult LBBG went through, odd Oystercatcher and a single Whimbrel but otherwise it was hard work!!

Of recent days what appears to be the only youngster produced from the local Buzzard's nest has taken to either sitting out on a rock 30m. from the house or on top of a telegraph pole nearby. Nothing wrong with that you might say, except......
Young Buzzards have the most penetrating, plaintive, irritating begging/contact call imaginable which, when it starts up at 0500 hours in the morning outside the bedroom window , is definitely not appreciated!! Revenge came when it landed on the telephone wire, which commenced to swing as if it was a tightrope (!), whereupon the call remained but was laced with obvious panic as the bird threshed its wings wildly whilst it tried to keep its balance !!! Never a dull moment.

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