Friday, February 11, 2011

10th February,2011.

A day when I discovered I had a raft of issues to deal with domestically, which left very little time for birding. I had a poke around locally for a short time in the hope of coming across the Killdeer, but I suspect the matter can now be put to rest. Others have looked at suitable areas without success, but there even appears to be an absence of information on the direction the bird flew off in, or the location it was suspected of calling from the day after being seen, which obviously offers no help!

Looking at a strip of coastline yesterday where one might find Stonechat in winter, I reminded myself that I haven't yet seen one on Islay since the beginning of the year. Whilst I'm sure there will be some somewhere, a couple of colleagues have made the same remarks. They appeared to recover from the bad period of weather within the early part of 2010, but may have been affected far worse with what then followed at the end of the year. Time will tell!

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